Dec 13, 2010

                                                                       BLACK IS SWEET :)

finally, being natural colour.well yesterday i thought wanna go for dinner with my sayang.but seriously i dont have any pretty of mood to i've decide to stay at home.then my mum say she want to colouring my hair turn to black colour la tha original i just have to say yess besides i dont have any answer only mum says tht im not pretty with this messy colour ;my hair.such not suitable with me.furthermore most of people out there think tht im a worst girl/child.look tht kinda bitch? is it true? ahha i feel a lil bit la :) but nvm i already change it back to tha original colour. awww i feel like im a sweet girl right now. hahahaa. 
yawwww nana year 2011 is just around tha corner. how about wearing a scarf? ha? u better think about tht properly kayh.dont make such a kelam kabut decision.think for now and further. wht tha most important is sincere from ur heart. 
you know what? im hell tired. wanna take a bath and rest. see ya. nitenite :)