Love Story

baby,this is credit to you sayang.while im writing this i want u to know that im crying for those words and bad attitude tht i've done towards u.The Old Year has gone.Let the dead past bury its own dead. The New Year has taken possession of the clock of time.All hail the duties and possibilities of the coming twelve months!
well im just wonder how am i gonna live my life without u by my side.everyday, day by day we've been together do alot of things together,sharing everything. baby, EVERYTHING together. i can't imagine if i dont have u by my side.. i swear to GOD that is true.

I love you. I do.

You will never have to worry about anything in life, because for as long as i have blood in my veins and breath in my lungs,i will always be striving and fighting to put a smile on your face.Where once was doubt in my mind,God has finally answered my prayers,and the answer to my prayers is you.You’re a dream come true.When i look back and think about my sweetest memories, the times i’ve spent with you are the first that come to mind.and i know in my heart that there are many more memories to come,and more time to spend together, and for this i am so grateful.and i want you to know that i’m certainly not going to give up on you or let you go for a long time.
Thank you for everything you do. 
Thank you for being you, 
and thank you for being there for me. 
Thank you for sharing this with me. 
Thank you for being the most sweet person, 
most interesting, most kind and most amazing boyfriend a girl could ever ask for. 
I truly and honestly am the luckiest girl alive.

I love you. I do.

baby,tha past year(memory) was a very unforgettable memory for makes we apart.its really killing me and make me exhausted..if la u know what i feel on that situation when u are not caring at all towards me.we just do our business.we are jarang berjumpa jarang hangout together.and when i ask u to meet u give 1001 reason to avoid. im really disappointed sayang.only GOD know tha hurts.i can’t grasp any exact words to say,my grief left devastating state of mind, trying to set myselt to its precise spot.i feel impaired and totally ruined, i pause any movement in my life temporarily cease to think how u ended my thrill and my meaningful life.My heart keeps bleeding because you lied.but why? a BIG WHY?! why me?! (is it true sayang? u had tell me tht u never lied to me.but sokayh i already forget about it, past is past)  

I love you. I do.

i was in my highest point of my emotion.i fell intensele from the highest altitude of hurts tortures eradicates me.My life is really sufferable.the disadvantage of being ignored and not being recognized.not even given in whichever right..the right to ask..the right to dictate..i love you more than you will ever know and more than i could ever show, but i hope that one day you will realize that it is true.i love you more than you know.i want to fulfill something to prove that i love you so,i’m certain and sure what i’m tracking to.mainly my love that kills my my momentum everyday, i feel abandon..i feel astray..this might eliminate my consciousness including my earnest apology for giving you so much worries and troubles,i tried to spill out all my agonies and miseries but i fell still suffering.i’m still crying.. 
I LOVE YOU..that’s the reason why.
I love you. I do.

Things I hate About You
1. Being Grumpy
2. Not so romantic guy
3. Jealousy (mucchiiee)
4. Forgetful
5. Too nice ( semua kehendak i die cuba penuhi)
6. Weak
7. Not being serious when in fighthing or to solve tha prob
8. my parents always backup u
9. Immature (a lil bit sayang.u already improved)
10.Unsatisfied (semua buat xkene)
11. Make me crying and hurting me

So much i wanna say so much i went though all because i love you.i wanted as much to forget and turn back time when i was living simply without your presence without all the complications that you brought to my life.
without all the lies.but then, every time I am with you.
Despite all the lies
Despite all the hurt
Despite all the Ingratitude
Despite all the deceit you thought i believed
Despite all the hate i felt and went through with
No matter how an UNGRATEFUL SCHEMING LYING BASTARD you are (sorry sayang untuk ayat yg ni sbb lancang sikit ) my happiest moments still are the moments i happily spent with you.and i cant stay mad to the only person who can make me really Happy,Effortlessly.No matter hoe stupidly In love i am.i cant find enough strength to drop or leave you.
I love you. I do.

Thank you for teaching me to be strong,
Thank you for being there when I need you the most,
Thank you for listening to my boring, non-stop talks,
Thank you for being my friend, my family, my motivator, my lover,
Thank you for the patience that you have been shown,
Thank you for the time that you have spent for me,
Thank you for the things that you give it to me, I keep it as my treasure,
Thank you for your kind and tenderness, it touch my heart,
Thank you for your attention that you shower me with,
Thank you for the sweet memories that we share together,
Thank you for your Love.

I love you. I do.

Without you baby life is unclear and i have no idea where to start.Every day i get up ur face i wish to look at.
You make me mad
You make me happy
You make me sad
You make me lucky
You make me angry
You make me fortunate
You make me feel protected
You make me vulnerable
You make me conditional
You make me beautiful
You make me cry
You make me crazy
You make me feel confused
You make me stronger
You make me weak
You make me ME

I love you for giving me all those emotions and i love you for being you.we may not to work things out,but in the end of the day & in my heart i will always know with our type of love forever aint enough.
I love you. I do.

i know for a very short time, we have so many stuff in life that we don’t really understand, for the fact that we never get along together.. we have so many discrepancies, so many hesitations, questions and doubt not only for our relationship, but as well as within our self..but no matter what it takes, for this short period of time, i learned to love u so deep.. learned to forgive you when u crashed my heart.. learned to accept what you’d done.. learned to dream about future with you.. learned to sacrifice my pride, learned to smile when I’m sad, to sleep without sadness in my heart and hope that tomorrow everything’s will be alright.. to pray that you’ll not gonna say goodbye.. to hope that whatever argument were having, you’re still there, holding on.. to wish the impossible thing in life.. i learned to feel the true love.. but all of those, i NEVER learned how to love you less in every waking day of my life.. thank you so much sayang for letting me feel those kinds..and wish us both a happy life and strong relationship together.. and more months and years to come with fulfillment and harmony together.. i love you so much baby and will love you more in every waking day of my life.. and i am so sorry for all those aches and disappointments I’d done.. and thank you so much for everything my beloved.. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS..
I love you. I do.

*p/s ; sorry for tha repeat words thankyou and iloveyou..
thats tha point actually i write this note for him just 
to let him know that i really loves him.
 uppsss i say it again. haha. thanx for tha reading.
hope u guys can feel tha lovess that im telling about :)