Oct 18, 2010

pulling US down ;(

Make it out to be my fault,It always seems to be me.
Why can't I be myself?Happy and care free..why u dont understand me?
This is who I am,Won't you stand by me?In all that I do.
You cause the arguments,Fight against my every thought.
Caring is in my nature,Along with all I've been taught.

You asked if our relationship,Is going to be like this???
It was you who jumped in there,And tore away our bliss.
now,You act like it's my problem.. what??? huh? !!!
Aren't allowed to have a life.
It's you whose causing the strain,Adding to the strife.

Open up your eyes,And listen to your words.
You always have to be right,
My opinion goes utterly un-heard. why sayang?
You're ripping us apart,Stripping our happiness away..

im crying sayang,u kno all that? ;{
Love is more than companionship,
Yet you're happy to let us stray. (is that what u want?)

So stop for a moment,And look at the outside view.
You're pulling us down,Pulling me away from you sayang. fullstop!
are u satisfied now??