Oct 8, 2010

perempuan yang buruk perangai and rupa !

hoi perempuan hitam ! Idk what do u want from me? Why you so jealous with me ha? Dont u got it? Stay away from my life. shoooo .. ! U stupid dog. Idc with all of ur story with all of ur 'men' that have taste u b4,yaww bitch? Poor your parents huh? Ish..ish.. Wth prob with you, if im with my boo? Atleast im still with him and not cheap as u. Here and there kene usung gn jantan. Booo,lobos ! Dlm cinema pn jd main raba2? Hahah. What a yuckss. I know from b4 you are jealous with me bcz im prettier than u.. Jz admit it. Yeahh i know :) nvm i understand. Hei slut just say what u wanna say im not care at all. For me you are loser. X matang. F**k you men! Go to hell ur bloody fool. Shooo .